Bedouin Prayer Box


Incredible old Bedouin prayer box – simplicity at its finest.

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Sometimes, simple is best.

This incredible old bedouin prayer box is a very fine specimen. It was most likely made of old coin silver, which is probably between 65% and 85% silver – the only way to know is to melt it down, and there ain’t no way I’m doing that!

This particular box has been sealed shut, but once upon a time it would have opened from the side so the wearer could stash prayers, wishes, or secret messages.

I felt that any elaborate chain would detract from the beauty of the box, so it hangs on a very simple chain made with a variety of old Ethiopian silver beads.

You can pick this up from my studio in Boise, or I am happy to ship it to you free of charge.

If you are interested in matching earrings, please contact me.


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