Alien’s Gift


Magnetic jade with lots of other treasures.

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A whole lotta interest in this necklace!

The main focal on this piece is a large, heavy bead of what I was told was “magnetic jade.” I have NO CLUE what magnetic jade is – to me, this looks and feels like a chunk of meteorite. Whatever it is, it’s cool. There are several “eyes” carved into it – I’m not sure if the rusty stuff on it is natural or if that added at some point.

The goodies hanging below that bead include: a Buddhist Arhat face bead carved in white jade, antique African trade beads in a couple styles, an Egyptian scarab, an old Ethiopian cross and wedding ring, an ancient Hebron bead (made with salts from the Dead Sea), and some old beads I picked up in Timbuktu.

You can pick this up at my studio in Boise, or I will happily ship it to you free of charge.

If you are interested in matching earrings, please contact me.


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